Our Mission & Values

Why We Are Here

Evolve is founded on the philosophy of better, not more. Our mission is to create meaningful experiences with lasting value. The difference that great design makes in peoples lives is not merely something we talk about. It is the reason we are here.

Leading with Love in our actions

Emotionally open

We keep our minds and hearts open to make room for new approaches and perspectives, so we can always continue to grow emotionally.

Vulnerable & honest

We challenge ourselves to be vulnerable, having transparent, open, honest conversations with each other, so we can be more empathetic and supportive through the good and the bad.

Long term relationships

We focus on building long term relationships with people and providing them with the resources, support, and opportunities to help them grow.

Optimism in our outlook

Believe in the journey

We trust in the journey, believing that it will take us to the places we need to go.

Positive potential everywhere

We always look forward, never underestimating the potential for growth within people, projects, and relationships.

Advocates for good

We strive to keep playing an active role in inspiring our industry to think positively and differently.

Humility in our humanity

Check our privilege

We strive to lead by example, to recognize our privilege, and to keep ourselves open to learn and expand our thinking.

Inviting and inclusive

We make sure to provide a space that welcomes everyone to share their thoughts and ideas, we want no one to be overlooked and all perspectives to be included.

Confident not arrogant

We’re not boastful or shouty, we believe that the relationships we build and the processes we follow speak loudly enough.

Our role of Responsibility

Growth over output

We prioritize the growth of everyone, we help them feel valued and provide value to them in return.

Progressive relationships

We act with purpose in all of our decisions, we strive to help our clients make less things.

Community in mind

When we share responsibility for our community and the world around us, we create a company where we all maintain balance

Play as a priority

Make room for fun

We make room for spontaneous play in our daily creative process, because when we make it playful we love the roles we fill.

All ideas encouraged

We believe that building others up to the point where they are comfortable throwing out all their bad ideas is a great place to be.

Elevate all voices

If our approach and tools can create a level playing field, then the voice of our team, our clients, and their customers can be better heard and more deeply understood.

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