January 2014

1. Are you ready for ‘Ready Player One’? - Oculus Rift (a virtual reality headset), was undoubtedly the darling of the show. Our favorite extension to that concept is the Omni. Creators Virtuix have built a truly immersive gaming experience — it’s not surprising that they surpassed their Kickstarter goal by a magnitude of seven.

2. Everyone has an action camera but only GoPro has a story.

3. Big bendy screens - Samsung and LG’s curved screens feel more appropriate for an immersive individual experience rather than hanging on the living room wall.

4. No new tricks – Intel dusted off their trusty old stand and wowed crowds with Oculus Rift and the new electric BMW i3. Free test rides were available in the parking lot.

5. Welcome back SONY! They put on a clean, crisp and simple show with a touch of irreverence. The ‘Bellagio water feature’ was to die for.

6. It’s all happening on the fringe - The Eureka Park showcased more innovation than all the big halls put together. The media have picked up on Mother - a cute “internet-of-things” device with a wide range of discrete apps.

7. Soaring stock - Don’t you wish you had bought Netflix stock 2 years ago when things were going wrong for them? Broadcast television companies fall in line following the Netflix announcement to the stream of their content in 4K.

8. Lots of wearables hype, but no delivery - Everyone must be holding their cards close to their chest — there was nothing really notable out there beyond a sea of copycat fitness bands. The only real surprise was the number of e-cigarettes in the middle of the health summit section. Priceless.

9. 3D printing circus - There were big crowds, but the reality is that things are only incrementally better and more accessible. Lightforge are a company to watch out for – they are promising faster speeds by printing entire layers at a time.

10. The future of PC gaming is modular - Razorzone’s Project Christine, was an interesting exploration in form and customizable build experiences.

Let us know what you think! This information was provided by the kind people at https://the-indexer.com/, who talked with us about the topic.

And finally some words of wisdom from Michael Bay for Samsung: “Always try to take people on an emotional ride…” 

Check out The Verge for a more comprehensive breakdown of everything that happened in the show.